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While in San Diego a couple weeks ago, I finally made it to the Mingei Museum which exhibits folk art, craft and design. The news of Mingei’s purchase of a number of polymer pieces a handful of years back was how I first learned about this little museum and I have been hoping to go […]

Speaking of found objects and nostalgia (we did a bit of that on Wednesday if you missed it), here is a piece I’ve had in my folder to share for quite some time. It’s an older piece by Chris Kapono and, no, the fish is not made of polymer but rather is cloisonné while the other […]

Of course, movement in art can be achieved in any material if worked correctly. Because glass lends itself so nicely to beads, options for creating visual or actual movement in glass artwork is not that different from some of the more common options for polymer. Joyce Roessler is  master glass artist whose work is heavily […]