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With all the hot weather we’ve been having lately, I’ve been staying in my cool home a lot more than usual. Missing my time wandering around the property looking at all the cool and unusual plants, I found myself drawn to our organic brethren in polymer as I rummaged through images online and gathered a […]

Today, I thought we’d just admire the easy way that flowers can be used, like any singular element, as a way to create lines. Lines define and give direction, as well as creating energy by creating visual movement. An arrangement of many small flowers will create those lines just as would a series of beads, […]

There is more than one way to cut into polymer! Yesterday we looked at cutting in to reveal many layers in extruded beads, but here we have a simple yet brilliant technique that requires cutting in with scissors, but not actually cutting away and removing clay as the other examples this week have shown. Here […]

I thought today I would just talk a little bit about what I was doing this weekend (besides running about trying to find an internet connection). And besides, my group built a piece off of what was basically a glass box, so it fits the theme! The polymer retreat at the Mammoth Cave National Park […]

With my connection (and faith) in the internet restored, we will resume chatting about boxes and ways to expand on the popular form. For our weekend peek at lidded containers, I saved a piece by Kim Detmers. The concept here simply stretches the way that you can use your ‘canvas’. Even though a canvas is a […]

Instead of a quote this Sunday, how about a free tutorial instead? No objections out there? I thought not. First let me introduce you to the collection from which this free tutorial has been plucked, and then at the end here we’ll get to the freebie as well as news about deep discounts on The […]

With some work, I am drawn in simply by the way a variety of elements are put together. In this piece, Carmen Moreno Pérez uses impressions, inlay, a bit of polymer embroidery, tendrils, and nicely integrated wire work. Although I do like the less complicated patches of color made by the stylized tulips, the tulips themselves seem a bit […]

You know, it seems like I post  a lot of floral, especially considering I’m not a floral kind of gal. Still, it’s hard not to appreciate the intricacy and cleverness of our community’s floral fanatics, so I do find myself pinning quite a few florals, although I also tend towards the leafy, spiky, and (surprise!) […]

Working up a Fall product line doesn’t mean leaving your floral tendencies behind; the fashion designers certainly aren’t this coming year. From all I’ve read about upcoming trends, pattern in general will be a big focus and flowers, especially wispy wildflowers, daisies, and even dandelions, look to be the “in”thing. So how would you change […]