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I’m actually taking the day off today. I know it doesn’t look like it but I couldn’t leave you all hanging without a little something to check out this weekend. So here’s one more curious polymer and fur creations. I apologize but I just couldn’t resist dropping in a kitty on you. I mean, there […]

You know when you have those days, or weeks (or years!), that just drain you, sometimes the only thing you want is something or someone cute and comforting to curl up with. I do have a particularly cuddly, loving German Shepard so I can get that most days but today I wanted to find something […]

Today, let’s look at when cute works. Because cute stuff is, of course, a legitimate form of art which, like any contemporary or statement piece, still needs to follow basic design guidelines, along with that touch of artistic inspiration, to work well. This adorable cane covered pup, fighting the chill of a spring morning on […]

Like many of you, I will be traveling this week so I am going to keep things light and brief but stay with the feel of the upcoming season by featuring a few simple but surprising pieces. This adorable jackalope (as we call these rabbits with antlers in the Southwest) was created in ‘velvet clay’ […]

After a really long and exceedingly full week, just brimming with ups and downs, I am quite in the mood for a fun and light-hearted week. How does that sound? Cutesy craft does not get a nod to its artistry quite the way that contemporary craft usually does. But that doesn’t mean there is any […]

As I continue to indulge my inner child this week, I decided to just go terribly cute today. I could not stop looking through the fun selection of expertly crafted cuteness in the Etsy shop of Caroline Fisermanis, best known online as Fizzy. Fizzy creates delightful imagery in three dimensions–everything from cake toppers to miniatures to joyful […]

Alright … I have failed at finding creepy cute thus far, but I do have a good candidate for this weekend. Must research further! In the meantime, here is something tastefully cute and in the Halloween spirit for today. I think from a distance you might not see much more than pleasant color combinations and […]

Today and tomorrow, we’ll be sharing the cute and creepy-ish in honor of the more lighthearted side of Halloween. Today we’re skipping the design lessons and such for just a bit of fun. Here we have some easy to make items you can whip together if you have need of a few little gifts for […]

With Halloween on the way and myself with a healthy admiration and appreciation for the darker side of things, I thought a week of creepy but classy art might be in order. Can something be classy and creepy? I definitely think so. I might even have some cutesy creepy to toss in for levity.  Which […]