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My little contribution to the Spring issue of The Polymer Arts is an article on ways to combine paper with polymer. I did a lot of research to see if there was anything else I could share with readers beyond what I had done in the past with paper casting and collage style techniques and … […]

This last Valentine’s week post is a bit of a Valentine itself, being sent out to this amazing artist and friend whose work I am posting– not because I know her but because she is so inspiring. Paula K Gilbert has been in the polymer art community for twenty-some years now. She has kept at […]

I only now realized that this week ends with Valentine’s day and I had to stop and contemplate whether I should do a theme.  Last year’s personal love stories just can’t be topped, though, so let’s dial it back to the essence of what Valentine’s day represents. Or try. What it represents is rather personal though, isn’t […]

If you read Wednesday’s post, and especially if you took on the challenge, you might very easily find the connection between what you see here and what I talked about then. This is a great example of a repeated shape creating complexity. In this case, the repeated shape is actually a circle and most of […]

As artists, we think of our imagination as a major muscle, if not the primary one used when we’re creating. But how much do you stretch that muscle? In craft art, because we also have to create steps, a process, and consider function and durability, our minds spend a lot of time in the purely logical, problems […]

Sometimes the thing that binds a varied set of art or craft work is not visual elements but the concept they encompass. The spoons here, created by Jacques Vesery, are bound by the fact that they are spoons, naturally, but every detail beyond that makes them look so different, including the fact that it appears each spoon […]

I found this video on the TedEd website (TedTalks educational series of lessons rather than talks)  fascinating. Because being able to deem certain work as art versus craft gives the creator a frame work through which to price and market their work as well as offering a certain status for those deemed artist, there have been […]