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I very much enjoyed the comments and the interaction of last week. Maybe we’ll do that once a week or every other. Getting you to think about art is definitely one of my high goals! So let’s ponder a few together this week. I find it curious that some pieces, even though very much like […]

I don’t have a theme set for this week but I thought I’d just pull the first thing that grabbed me when opening Pinterest today and see where we go from there. It wasn’t a huge surprise that I grabbed this fun and colorful piece by Lyn Tremblay. This is really the antithesis of things […]

To finish up a stretch of blog posts on vessels, I have for you this interesting ceramic vessel done in a style easily translated into polymer. The technique is referred to as sgraffito. The beautiful texture and imagery are created by scratching into a surface that reveals a contrasting surface beneath it. This vase is the work […]

There seems to be an explosion of innovation in polymer design as of late.  Maybe as a whole we fell into a rut of creating within a fairly small circle of ideas but it seems that more and more, clayers are pushing the ideas or just going off into their own little worlds which creates some […]

When putting together the Simplicity article, we contemplated showing a few non-polymer pieces because there are just so many beautiful designs in other materials that could be inspirational to polymer artists but alas, there was only so much room and much to discuss. Alice Ballard was a top pick on my list for this because her […]

A little glitz and glamour is always welcome as we ring in the new year. There is just something about starting out feeling and looking great but that doesn’t mean you need to go crazy with the sparkle and bling. Unless that is your thing, of course. But for many of us, just a touch […]

Okay … the Fall 2015 – Elements issue of The Polymer Arts had a successful release this weekend (well, with a couple tiny bumps along the way). Thank you for all the great comments already coming in. It is a pretty awesome issue … so many great contributors and ideas! So, if you are expecting a copy, DIGITAL […]

Since we started off the week looking at a piece that hinted at what might lie beneath the surface, I thought I’d see what else we could dig up along those lines. This certainly fills the bill! Its a vessel by London’s Olga Perova and has a fascinating surface of what I think must be randomly bunched […]

Shimmering and shiny or high contrast are not the only way to make a focal point stand out. Texture and lines can bring our focus to the prime point in a piece as quickly as anything else. In this very curious brooch/necklace piece, Russia’s Radada combines pieces of paua (abalone) shell and textured polymer in such […]