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This arresting little piece was created by Heather Moore. However, she was not designing but learning as she created this in a class by Claire Maunsell. I recognized the technique immediately but the application of it and the design was far more geometric than what Claire usually creates so I was intrigued. Color wise, she […]

For our color contemplation today we have a classic centered and graduated size drop design, although the treatment of the shapes and application of color is anything but classic. Cecilia Leonini is this piece’s creator. Cecilia is extremely fond of color and seems to get most, if not all, the colors of the rainbow into […]

I’ve talked a lot in the past about monochromatic and restricted palettes and, sure, I’ve had weeks with just explosions of color to cheer us up and to just drool over but we’ve not really talked about how to use a full spectrum of color. This week, I thought I’d delve into the idea of […]

Here’s a quick and colorful look at some further fishy polymer today. This bright pendant is by Estonia’s Katrina of  the shop Filigrina on Etsy. We took a peek at another ocean inspired work of hers last year and although this is the same form of pendant, where the other piece was in a limited palette of blues and white, this […]

Although I’ve been so buried over here under the enthusiasm of readers and the many orders for the Polymer Journeys book as well as getting ready for the Summer issue and picking up slack while my key staff is in the process of moving or settling into a new home, my better half has regularly been dragging me […]

Okay … here is a piece that I have hung onto for a while as I tried to find the person who created it. I have not, yet. It’s not a particularly complex piece, and although, I like the silver as an accent, I so rather wish the feather-like pieces were handmade or more organic or […]

Do you ever have those days when you just want to sit down with a box of chocolates, a bag of pastries or a giant pizza with everything on it and just enjoy a little over-indulgence? Of course you do! I’m kind of feeling that way this week, but more about color than candy. Actually, […]

So here is something new for you my dear readers … a week of posts chosen by a guest artst! A little while back I reached out to a number of artists who regularly send me content ideas and asked if they would like to take over the art choices for a week. The idea […]

Using a lot of color doesn’t mean creating a piece that is bright and bold. Colorful can also be subdued, antiqued, pale, dark or work with any number of alterations to the elements of color. They can also be nicely blended to tone down the graphic impact like Anarina Anar does here in this blended […]