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The primary reason for blue being such a favorite is its ability to sooth our spirits. Blue is the color of peace and contentment as well as reliability and security. Those are things we all need to feel on a regular basis. So designs that include blue will give off those kinds of feelings. I […]

The domed disk, used for nesting as in yesterday’s post, is also commonly used to present a surface design with dimension and substance. We do love our domed, hollow, lentil-style beads, don’t we? But, here we have a beautiful example of a domed shape used as a center point and a raised form for some […]

For this Saturday, here is a bit of fun asymmetry composed from elements not aligning. In this case, these earrings by Elvira Krick consist of incomplete circles  whose breaks sit at different positions make the line kind of rock back and forth. But then, free them from hanging in the same flat plane as shown in […]

I know I bombarded you with swirls and curls this week but while we are on the subject, I thought we could look at another element that also really draws our attention. The circle. Circles are a prominent element in all kinds of artwork because they are one of the most powerful basic shapes we […]