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Thank you for the responses on Tuesday’s mosaic. I loved reading your different views and loved the level of enthusiasm in the comments. I apologize that they took a day to show up–the mysterious ways of the internet did not let us in to approve them until late in the day. Technology often reminds me of […]

Ginger really wanted to share a micro mosaic piece with you this week and I’ve gone back and forth on options for us. The thing is, micro mosaics in polymer were really established, and I think are still best done, by Cynthia Toops. But I’ll be breaking a rule of mine to not feature an […]

This year I’ve been doing a lot of chatting with other polymer artists, collaborating–or hoping to–on a variety of projects primarily related to promoting polymer and the image of polymer art. What I would really like to do is artistic collaborations. It is amazing what the creativity and input from another artist can do to […]