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I’ve talked a lot in the past about monochromatic and restricted palettes and, sure, I’ve had weeks with just explosions of color to cheer us up and to just drool over but we’ve not really talked about how to use a full spectrum of color. This week, I thought I’d delve into the idea of […]

First of all, the latest issue of The Polymer Arts is out! Print issues made it to the post office on Friday, so those are on their way, and the digital issue was released yesterday. If you were expecting a digital issue and you don’t see it in your inbox, check those pesky spam folders […]

I have to bring up Christine Damm this week since the first time I ever mentioned naming on this blog was in reference to her shop name–“Stories They Tell”. It’s simple, but really effective, and she also names all her pieces to reflect her thoughts on the work. This one is a happy piece called […]

Primative and tribal influences are quite popular and certainly catch my eye. But what actually drew me in to further investigate Christine Damm‘s Flickr page and then blog was her business name: Stories they Tell. A simple but very compelling name. Who are “they”? What stories are there to be told? And then you look […]