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It’s official. I’ve decided that holes are not something to be filled but rather, they are for holding things or for us to hold onto. We make quite a few holes in our craft work but when we have a hole in our lives, we try to fill it up. Why? Why can they not be […]

There is nothing like a rich, brilliant red to heat things up. The reds in this necklace by Cecilia Botton really pop. The red gradient in the disk and under the peek-a-boo cut-out of the focal bead give those pieces a visual glow, but I think it’s the black that pushes the feel of warmth and the […]

We’re coming up on one of my favorite times of the year soon; the fall! I am a autumnal girl in many ways, but mostly I just love the richness of the colors. I even love the fleeting aspects of nature’s palette; it is so brief and so bold. It is never around long enough […]

Here is another example of scatter in a composition. There is no organized pattern. The many elements are different in color and size and although most are round, there is smattering of crackle on the outside edges to counter that. So why does this pendant by Cecilia Button still work? The approach that holds this […]