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As I wind up the final packing of the Colorado warehouse, I have been thinking about some of our more memorable covers and issues and had to stop and wonder what a few of our cover artists have been up to lately. So, I hope you will indulge me, if you are not curious yourself, […]

So, since we’ve been heading down a whimsical path combined with cross discipline work, and I have been holding onto this image sent to me by Jenny McKitrick for a few months already (thanks Jenny!), it seemed it was time to pull this little ray of sunshine out. Or, maybe we should say, nuclear level of sunshine! The […]

Now off to the world of big and bold and even a bit of wild; although, this piece is not that wild when it come to the work of polymer artist Sona Grigoryan. Everything Sona does is big and unabashedly bold. She shares what seems to be a kind of expressive abandon with our Monday […]

First of all, the latest issue of The Polymer Arts is out! Print issues made it to the post office on Friday, so those are on their way, and the digital issue was released yesterday. If you were expecting a digital issue and you don’t see it in your inbox, check those pesky spam folders […]

“Something completely different” is the theme this week, or so that’s what I am aiming at. Maybe I look at way too much polymer work on a daily basis, but certain forms and applications are so well used as to be beyond common. I won’t name names, but a rather influential person in our industry […]