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Well, here we are … first post of 2017 and I find myself, again, focused on how to make this a year full of useful information and inspiration for everyone who so kindly drops in on my mental meanderings. To that end, I have decided to make a couple tweaks. I’m going to have just one […]

If you aren’t into a lot of bling, you can add a little energy to your outfit with some moving adornment. These soutache and tassel earrings would be mesmerizing on the dance floor this new year’s eve, or at any upcoming special occasion. Designs in soutache are easily translated into polymer. From the spirals and […]

Some days you just want simple and bright, something uncomplicated to make you smile. I found this one bead on this foggy Wednesday morning and it gave me an immediate visual pick me up with the beautiful colors and skillfully created and applied canes. The cane and bead artisan here is Israel’s Sagit Levi. She […]

The second artist in the Polymer Journey book’s recognition for the best polymer art of 2014-2015 is Jeffrey Lloyd Dever. Who doesn’t like his colors, soft lines and seemingly flawless finish? His organic forms feel alive, mostly due to the graduation of color and their reaching and opening forms. I cruised around on his site before […]

So, since we’ve been heading down a whimsical path combined with cross discipline work, and I have been holding onto this image sent to me by Jenny McKitrick for a few months already (thanks Jenny!), it seemed it was time to pull this little ray of sunshine out. Or, maybe we should say, nuclear level of sunshine! The […]

I was going to focus on mixed media this week, but I have run into a plethora of fabulous faux wood work, so I can’t resist showing some more. Where is this coming from? Is someone out there teaching a class or sharing a tutorial that I missed? Well, for whatever the reason, the trend has […]

Here is another thought about the use of image transfer. Instead of making the image transfer the focal point of a piece, why not integrate it into the design so that it reflects, and is reflected in, the other elements that surround it. Using image transfers with the attitude that it is simply another form […]

Over the last year or so, there seems to be some resurgence in image transfer techniques, which is why we did the image transfer tutorial in the 2015 fall issue. It’s also something I had been playing with quite a bit, but not in the direct way we often see it–in perfect replication on a […]

Another article I have been wanting to get done for the magazine for a while is one on the special-effects Pebeo paints that we’ve seen around on polymer art jewelry. I actually met the Pebeo folks at the National American Materials Trade Association show in Denver earlier this year, and they pointed me to Kira […]