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Here is what caught my eye today. I decided to peruse Flickr this time and came upon the pages of Anna Kokareva (aka Annie Bimur) and although there were a lot of pieces to grab my attention, it was this pair of not quite matching earrings with the heart just hanging out among all the crackle that […]

Although earrings are commonly made as two of the same exact design, this is no steadfast rule and a little change up to this standard can be just what is needed to make a pair stand out on the wearer. Mirroring the design is a very simple and subtle way of doing this. Simple and subtle is […]

For this Saturday, here is a bit of fun asymmetry composed from elements not aligning. In this case, these earrings by Elvira Krick consist of incomplete circles  whose breaks sit at different positions make the line kind of rock back and forth. But then, free them from hanging in the same flat plane as shown in […]

Asymmetrical composition is common in every artistic area so choosing just one for today’s outside inspiration was tough. This necklace has been on one of my Pinterest boards for a while though so this seemed like a great chance to share it. Felted jewelry is becoming more common and the felters are getting quite creative. […]

Although this pin by Kay Bonitz is asymmetrical, the pin uses the rule of thirds that we innately identify as balanced. The rule of thirds is a theory that says we recognize beauty and balance in images and objects whose proportions can be split into thirds. Our bodies are composed of elements that are built primarily on […]

This stunning necklace, titled “Eleganz”, by Ingrid Ulrich is another example of asymmetry in design. This German artist uses a wire form to create a unique one-of-a-kind wrap necklace that has to balance both visually and physically! With a limited color palette, Ingrid uses textures and finishes to add depth and volume to the individual elements to form […]

So, yesterday I very briefly started talking about how balance is at the center of well produced asymmetry. Here is a piece that works more toward a feeling of tension rather than being well-balanced. In this piece, Margaret Polcawich has mixed wood and polymer clay. The strength of both materials is highlighted in the design […]

So, if you didn’t read yesterday’s post since earlier this morning, you might want to jump over there and read it. I used a quote to highlight the reasons for not copying and for crediting others. Then ironically the quote image turned out to be a misappropriated quote, reworded and posted without credit. Which brings […]