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Archive for January, 2017

I do like to keep busy, but I have to say the last few weeks have been beyond what any normal human should do to themselves. And I do say, I am doing this to myself because I am fully capable of saying no to some things but I have a very hard time doing […]

Things breaking down is not always a bad thing as evidenced by Lee Ann Armstrong‘s cuffs you see here. She says these are “brusho crystals on raw polymer clay, baked and ‘sealed’ with Kato liquid clay.” She goes on to say that the crystals wouldn’t  stabilize on polymer which I believe is why she sealed it. […]

I like things with a little wear and tear, it’s true. The reason being is that things with dents, dings, scars, and worn out spots also have stories and usually interesting ones. It’s true that you can’t ask the worn down and beat up chair you find at the thrift store who had so neglected it but one can imagine […]

What a weekend! There was lots of heavy lifting as I continued to get my new home and studio set up in California and in the background, I’m thinking about the news of yet another craft magazine closing down while here at TPA we are ramping up plans for a new periodical (see the TPA newsletter for this […]

Journal covers are very much like blank canvases, which means you can do anything you desire on them. Your medium is probably the only thing that will constrict you, but then you aren’t restricted to one medium, are you? Polymer is amazing and will always be my go to material but I wouldn’t ignore other wonderful […]

Not only is today’s journal cover an inspiration for what you can do with your own decorative journal cover, it’s a beautiful example of ‘painting’ with polymer. England’s Monika Duchowicz actually does do a bit of acrylic painting on this along with the polymer applications but it doesn’t come across as painted. I would guess most […]

I’m sorry we are a little late posting this week. We had a few technical and timing difficulties but we are back on track now. Speaking of which … how many of you are still on track with your new year’s resolutions or plans for 2017? It can be so exciting to come up with the […]

For a last look at moths this week, I thought I’d share this work by Cheryl Lee Myers of Elemental Urchin. This is probably not polymer clay but rather two-part epoxy clay. I say that because for one, I found that she paints these all on a black base that looks very much like epoxy I’ve used […]

Apparently I am not the only one who likes moths! The first post this week knocked the meter off the scale and was shared, liked and viewed thousands of times. We also got our answer as to who the artist was–Darya Telegina of Balambeshka on I’ve added it to the post which you can see here. […]