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Archive for December, 2016

Although New Year’s Eve allows for all kinds of bling and shimmer to be pulled out and showed off, sometimes the most impressive statement is understatement. That’s what I think this strong but delicate piece from jewelry designer Kayo Saito is about. I imagine this necklace it is quite large so it will show off  size wise […]

If you aren’t into a lot of bling, you can add a little energy to your outfit with some moving adornment. These soutache and tassel earrings would be mesmerizing on the dance floor this new year’s eve, or at any upcoming special occasion. Designs in soutache are easily translated into polymer. From the spirals and […]

Now that we have gotten through the heaviest of the holiday season and family members will be packing up and heading back home, its time to think of the coming year. And about New Year’s Eve! This is the time for celebrating with friends and wrapping up the year in style. It’s also the one […]

Although I really want to go with a winter white holiday theme, it was hard not to go into a purely Christmas piece with amazing work like this floating across my monitor as I look for eye candy for you. But whether you do Christmas or not, it is hard not to appreciate the decorative […]

Here’s the look of winter without the below zero temperatures so many weathered this past weekend in the mid and northern United States. Just the right amount of icy color without the icy temperatures! The mint and pale gray greens on white in these shimmering earrings by Florida’s Irene B are about as wintry feeling as […]

Like many of you, I will be traveling this week so I am going to keep things light and brief but stay with the feel of the upcoming season by featuring a few simple but surprising pieces. This adorable jackalope (as we call these rabbits with antlers in the Southwest) was created in ‘velvet clay’ […]

Our profiled artist for the Winter 2016 issue is the delightfully enigmatic and poetic Alev Gozonar whose work is far less defined by the material than by the stories she has such an overwhelming desire to tell. She works predominantly in polymer if you are looking at the last few years but she takes many detours […]

Our Color Spotlight section of the Winter 2016 issue of The Polymer Arts was graced by Donna Kato, interview by Lindly Haunani. How amazing is that combination?! Donna let us in on her colored pencil experiments and her reasoning behind her approach. Although colored pencil on polymer is not new, it is always fascinating to […]

As many of you are aware, our Winter 2016 issue, themed “On the Surface”, came out weekend before last. Despite some head-spinning challenges in our schedule, we still pulled off a an issue that readers are finding particularly inspiring. My apologies to those folks that lost entire mornings and afternoons as they read the issue […]