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Archive for February, 2016

I am packing to make the 16+ hour road trip return to Colorado tomorrow, so I’m rushing about and haven’t really come up with a theme for this week, but we’ll muddle through. I’ll start sharing some of the items that didn’t fit into this insanely packed Spring issue by Friday and take that into next week, so you […]

Well, you know there is a story in this piece. Question is, what exactly is the story? Well, I think this is definitely one of those pieces where the viewer provides the story. Alisa Maskaeva, for some reason, created a heart made to look like it is living wood, or maybe it is supposed to be a […]

I thought I’d continue with the theme of story which, visually, can be told abstractly or with much more literal images. Today, we’re going to look at a literal set of images. Today’s bit of story was created by Angenia (also known as Tonia Angenia Lupo) of Italy. I am not posting this because of the […]

Just a couple things to get out of the way here … The Polymer Arts is having a sale, and it’s probably the last of its kind for a while so, if you didn’t get the newsletter (you can can sign up for that twice-a-month missive with its bits of giveaways, eye candy, community news, and polymer […]

What kind of polymer is this you ask? Well, as much as it looks like a super well polished bit of polymer mokume, it is not. It is a material called Fordite. If you haven’t heard of it before, you’re now probably thinking this is a semi-precious stone, right? Well, precious it is, strangely enough, and although […]

This is not going to be as much of a jaw-dropping post as the last, but rather this will be an ‘ah1’, especially for those of us who have followed this artist for the many years she has been wowing us. Whenever these newer pieces pop up, I think they are fiberarts. I think these […]

This week is going to be full of little surprises, I decided. And nothing starts off a week of little surprises like the absolute smallest butterflies ever. They are not made of polymer, of course. Right? Well, actually, they are! Julia Cissell of God’s Flying Flowers on Etsy takes miniatures to a whole new, well, […]

This last Valentine’s week post is a bit of a Valentine itself, being sent out to this amazing artist and friend whose work I am posting– not because I know her but because she is so inspiring. Paula K Gilbert has been in the polymer art community for twenty-some years now. She has kept at […]

I know it will be hard to top Monday’s piece. The energy in that sculpture was unreal. But intensity of that kind is not the only thing that visually defines passion. How about that low but long burning fire many of us have? It may be a passion for art or for our family or […]