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Archive for December, 2015

A little glitz and glamour is always welcome as we ring in the new year. There is just something about starting out feeling and looking great but that doesn’t mean you need to go crazy with the sparkle and bling. Unless that is your thing, of course. But for many of us, just a touch […]

So, this week we recover from Christmas, get gifts returned and exchanged (if we are brave enough to stand in those long customer service lines!), and prepare for the New Year. It’s quite a shift from the family-focused holidays the rest of the season. New Year’s eve is usually for our friends more than our […]

The one thing most of us have in common on a holiday like this is family. Hopefully, we are surrounded by them or will be talking to them today. Some of us will also be missing loved ones but thinking of them fondly. I will be missing all my girls, my step-daughters and granddaughters, but they will all […]

I know, I know … I said I was not going to present any iconic symbols for the season this week but, well, things pop up that I just have to share. These are not your typical Christmas trees. The playful nature, the color, and the organic and seemingly random size and organization of the circles […]

I am thinking that for the rest of the year I will post pieces that somehow reflect the various aspects of this busy and, hopefully, joyful season. I don’t foresee any Christmas trees or snowmen, so you are fairly safe from the iconic imagery we are already bombarded with. No, I thought I’d see if […]

Early this week I was sent a little message and share on Facebook from a regular contributor to The Polymer Arts, Sherilyn Dunn, who, upon recalling a conversation we had about scars, thought I would be interested in this quote from Billie Mobayad: “When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the […]

Simple ideas are often the most surprising. When I saw this bracelet as a thumbnail on my screen, I thought it was a cane or inlay, but when I went in for a larger look, I just broke into a big smile when I saw the way Petra Nemravka created this peek-a-boo color. We have certainly seen […]

I don’t know what happens online but there have been long spells lately where nothing really jumps out at me as I wander through Pinterest, Flicker, Etsy, Google images, and the many blogs and art sites I keep bookmarked to look for amazing and inspiring work. Maybe it’s just me, but then, all of sudden, pieces are jumping […]

We are going to go outside polymer art to find a little bit of joyful sunshine to round out this week’s more whimsical focus. You might think these are polymer when you first glance at them, and when told they are not you might think ceramics or air dry clays, perhaps, but they are none of the […]