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Archive for August, 2015

Okay … the Fall 2015 – Elements issue of The Polymer Arts had a successful release this weekend (well, with a couple tiny bumps along the way). Thank you for all the great comments already coming in. It is a pretty awesome issue … so many great contributors and ideas! So, if you are expecting a copy, DIGITAL […]

Speaking of inspiring containers this week … I found this little box to be utterly enthralling. This beauty was created by Australia’s Debbie Sheezel.  According to the description I found with this on Pinterest,  this piece was made using cloisonné wiring and enamel, of course, embedded with pearls on the lid of a sterling silver box. It is […]

So many people found that Emily’s little triangular dishes we posted on Monday really got their creative juices flowing, so how about a few more container ideas this week? This one is a lovely little box by Kate Tracton, an avid beader and polymer clay container specialist. We featured her own little burnished bowls early […]

Some time back, I saw these little bowls by the wonderful Emily Squires Levine, but suddenly they were the one thing that really stood out to me in my collection of images I want to share soon. The energy of the patterns, the simplicity of the form, the variety of the composition … not sure […]

Finally got the Fall issue wrapped up as far as the printer is concerned, but I am already knee deep in plans for the Winter issue whose theme is “Hidden”, which is coincidentally related to what we’ve been chatting about this week. What a great theme idea–it came from a few reader’s last year, and […]

Since we started off the week looking at a piece that hinted at what might lie beneath the surface, I thought I’d see what else we could dig up along those lines. This certainly fills the bill! Its a vessel by London’s Olga Perova and has a fascinating surface of what I think must be randomly bunched […]

Monochrome pieces can be difficult to create energy in, simply because one of our easiest and most common elements of visual energy is color and contrast or change in color that creates truly, lively energy. The next most effective element is line. But, here is a piece by Jan Geisen that has a quiet but […]

Apparently this is exploration week. A lot of people are out trying other artist’s techniques or pushing their own forms. And there has been a lot of sharing! I was particularly excited to see this new work by Melanie West. Although it’s not a series of disks as we have been seeing this past week or so, we […]

I just had to share this because these creations by Debbie Crothers were a direct result of the pieces posted on this past Friday’s blog. Do you recall those gorgeous glass beads by Debbie Sanders? And my mental meanderings about how cool something like this would be in polymer? Well … ta-da!, Debbie took on […]