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Archive for June, 2015

The obvious visual signs of age have been at the center of many conversations I’ve had this week. Many of us try very hard to cover up the signs of aging in ourselves because we don’t think they are considered beautiful. But I, for one, think the visual changes that come with age and being well-used […]

When talking ruffles, most likely fabric comes to mind first as a source for outside inspiration, but do you think of felt as a particularly ruffled fiber? Instead of flouncy and fluffy, felted ruffles offer substance and a more solid and open canvas for dramatic textures and colors. This scarf shows some of the potential […]

The undulating line of a ruffle brings to mind waves and water, and in this intriguing piece, there seems to be a bit of sea-foam, too. Even though ruffled lines can have a lot of energy, they are usually soothing due to the lulling effect of the smooth up and down repetitions. This particular bead […]

This week, I’ve had my eye on some ruffled up polymer pieces. Greece’s Eleni Tsaliki has been quite busy lately with a fabric fold and ruffle technique that includes a variety of surface treatments and bright jewel colors, as well as metallics and cutout lace. It looks like her explorations have left no fold unturned in the […]

Take a close look at this jewelry set. How many variations of impressing, winding, twisting, layering and embedding little bits of clay do you see here? I’ve gotten a different count each time; I’m giving up on trying to give it a number and have spent my time admiring and determining the variation. And the […]

On the other end of the spectrum from yesterday’s applique work we have some ornate work employing bits of thin polymer string. Closely resembling filigree in its design, the artist here used what might have been wire or metal cut-outs if it was traditional work, and then added texture by using a couple variations of string […]

I am a fan of small details. I love work that has been built one tiny bit at a time, which is probably why I find myself drawn to the application of tiny bits of polymer something called polymer embroidery, applique or even filigree. I found a number of pieces on a search this weekend […]

One of the tougher decisions I had to make when putting together the Summer 2015 issue was to cut part of what Helen Breil sent for her wonderful “Magnetic Design” technique tutorial. The article primarily focuses on the creation of pieces with interchangeable magnetic focal points using rare earth magnets, but she also generously added a […]

One of our most unusual articles in the summer issue, the one we definitely spent the most time on getting just right for you all, is Tracy Holmes’ “Color Connections”. This is a color lesson and color mixing tutorial that throws out the color wheel and works with mixing and matching in three dimensions. The […]