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Archive for May, 2015

First of all, I just realized this will be the last post of May. Really? This month is over?  Wow … that went quick. Due to all the bedlam here, we’ve been just barely keeping up with the 3 blogs a week, and we have at least another week or so of chaos to get […]

Shortly after I sent Monday’s blog, I ran into this interesting set of earrings on Pinterest. Yes, we’re talking translucent polymer here, but can you guess what the colorants and inclusions are? The pieces were made by Dawn Wilson-Enoch who is not a polymer artist but rather is what one might think of as a natural artist. […]

We haven’t visited the wonderful world of transluscents in awhile, and I have been curious to see what people have been doing lately. Strangely, there is not a lot of recently posted work. Anyone have anything new they’d like to share? I’ll keep searching, but I’m up for some striking new work to be landing in […]

I’m going to need a little fairy magic for this one actually. I love this mirror, but I ate up all my time tonight trying to find out who made it, and it must truly be from some magical forest because for all the dozens of links that I followed through the vastness of the […]

I jumped on Pinterest to see what interesting work might have arisen while I was deep in proofing mode for the next issue, and one of the first things that popped up was this bracelet by Doreen Kassel. It delighted me so much, in part due to the section in an upcoming article in this […]

I am neck deep in some last minute tweaks for the next issue, so I’m giving you an assignment while my brain is otherwise occupied. Well, not an assignment, but it looks like a fun little tutorial to try out in a spare moment. If you tried out the pastels tutorial in the Spring issue, […]

First, thank you to every one who wrote me offline, in the comments or on Facebook about the last post. I have to say, this is one brave community! It was lovely to hear affirmation that constructive criticism and encouragement to push oneself is something many of you would really like to see more of. […]

Someone told me the other day that they thought I was brave. The reference had to do with running a business in this crazy economy and in an industry (magazines, not polymer) that is in such flux, and all I could think was, “I don’t feel brave.” There are many things I do not say, […]

“Something completely different” is the theme this week, or so that’s what I am aiming at. Maybe I look at way too much polymer work on a daily basis, but certain forms and applications are so well used as to be beyond common. I won’t name names, but a rather influential person in our industry […]