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Archive for February, 2015

Okay … I’m not really drinking here (but you go ahead!), but I did want to change gears from repetition to just show you these versions of wine colors that Syndee Holt put together for Polyform. They are just so juicy. Pantone declared the color of 2015 would be ‘Marsala’, so last month, Syndee whipped […]

This piece is going to be a bit more complex than what we have been looking at all week, but I wanted to share it because I could see it inspiring repeatable forms in polymer. This is a stitched paper necklace designed and constructed by Luis Acosta who lists his work on his site in […]

This was such a gorgeous find. Actually, everything this artist has done is just amazing. The thing is, it doesn’t seem to be polymer, but it took quite a bit of research to convince me otherwise. The work is by Raluca Bazura, a Romanian artist working in contemporary jewelry. From what I could tell from the […]

Gradient color, as well as repetition, seems to be the theme this week. Carol Blackburn has created lovely examples of both in her interlocked strips designs. You have likely seen at least her earrings in this style which are one dangling bead of these repeated strips wrapping around and overlapping at the ends. She calls […]

Today, we have the pleasure of looking at a similar form and similar elements as yesterday, but with a different approach and result. Yesterday’s repeated pattern was folded circles of clay arranged in a sunburst type of pattern. Well, today we have beads also created with a folded circle, the formation repeated in bead after […]

I have been wanting to talk about the use of repetition for a while, but it is just such a huge subject. So, I’m going to get started on it this week with some really obvious versions, and then maybe next week we’ll get into more complex examples. Repetition doesn’t sound like it is that big […]

Okay … I am apparently beyond tired or something. I thought yesterday was Thursday, and so I didn’t do an Outside Inspiration piece as I usually do at the end of the week. But easily fixed! We’ll make today our look-at-something-outside-polymer day. I don’t have any idea what category of art this would be under–it’s […]

Okay … I love this piece, but I hesitated posting it at first. And I bet you can guess why. The beads are beautifully crafted and the combination of contrasts lets each bead stand apart while still feeling like a part of the grand party that this necklace is by using regular jumps to red and […]

This piece is unusual for two reasons–one because, well, look at the way those colors glow! It’s pure color illusion, but they look like glass at first glance. The colors are a kind of candy luscious, and I think the space between the little blocks assists in the illusion that they glow because the little blocks of […]