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Archive for October, 2014

‘Pumpkin head’ is one of the most often heard pet names around the house. And, I mean for the pets. I have no idea why I started calling my dog and cat ‘pumpkin head’, and I never really visualized what the phrase meant. But, now I have! This all too cute and beautifully painted pumpkin headed creature comes […]

I love that polymer illustration is coming more and more to the forefront. There are some amazing illustrators out there. In our last issue of The Polymer Arts we featured Tammy Durham’s playful work and in the upcoming winter issue we have the honor of being able to include an article by Joseph Barbaccia, the creator […]

With the popularity of vampires still high these days, I would be remiss in letting a week of beautiful dark things go by without presenting at least one of the well-loved creatures. And this one is not hard to appreciate. She’s actually a “Darkling” as envisioned by sculptor Barbara Key. Darkling is actually not a noun […]

I love spiders. Not very girly of me, I know, but I just find them to be some of the most fascinating creatures on earth. They are beautiful and graceful fellow crafters who just happen to be so absolutely terrifying at times. Poor, misunderstood things. Regardless of the terrifying moments, spiders really can be fantastic inspiration, not […]

This week counts down to that one very dark and ominous day (or fun and frolicsome, depending on your approach) sometimes known as the All Saint’s Eve, Day of the Dead, Samhain, Allantide among other things, but most commonly known as Halloween. It’s that day when, in many Christian-based religions as well as pagan and European folklore, we either […]

This is Sean Mitchell. He’s 12 years old, home-schooled, and the youngest person to ever take a college-level polymer clay course. Wait … is Sean the real news or is it the fact that this past year, the first college-level credit course in polymer art was actually accepted and implemented at an accredited American institution? Well, they […]

Before I write up a blog, I search what I’ve posted over the years to insure I’m not showing the same artists over and over, and that it’s been a while since I’ve posted their work. It’s a way of spreading the love around, so to speak. I don’t usually have to worry about that with […]

One of the most impressive works we saw over the weekend in Racine was at the second exhibition we visited. Laura Tabakman’s On the Trail was a large installation piece set up at the H.F. Johnson Gallery of Art at Carthage College as part of the exhibition, A Re-Visioning: New Works in Polymer. The installation is a wonderful little field of […]

Unlike Dever’s work as we saw yesterday, Maggie Maggio exhibited work that is a continuation of her exploration of structure in polymer. Her wrap bangles and neck pieces are growing ever more bold, as well as bigger. Here is the piece that just mesmerized me. As Maggie explains it, “Grow III represents the interweaving of the animal […]