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Archive for March, 2014

Folded polymer seems to be a bit of trend lately. From the popularity of Helen Breil’s folded beads and tutorial to Sonya Girodon’s faux folded paper to the folded look pin sent out as a tease for Dan Cormier’s upcoming book, we’re seeing a lot of polymer getting folded these days so this week, we’ll […]

For those of you who may not have heard through our newsletter and postings on Facebook by others involved, next month in Malta, myself,  Marjon Donker and Saskia Veltenaar (From Polymer To Art) and Béa Picq (Polymère & Co) will be conducting a presentation and discussion on polymer art in print–what is available right now […]

Color, texture, and shape are hallmarks of Libby Mill‘s work, as so beautifully illustrated in this curious beaded pin. Polymer clay allows her to explore the textured and smooth, patterned and plain surfaces. This pin has a very organic feel to it and the elongated shape and beaded texture brings it to life in a […]

Of course the 1000 Beads books has many beads that are not polymer but I would say all the beads, no matter what the material, are inspirational for the polymer artist. I know I completely fell in love with the beads by glass artist Lisa Atchison whose lampwork reminded me of intricate polymer cane layering, […]

Here is another beautiful bead from one of Lark’s 1000 Beads book artists in polymer. Leigh Ross does a wonderful job layering canes and translucents. Notice the depth her approach gives this pendant. It looks like the space goes back farther than the bead is thick! It’s like there is a little miniature world inside this […]

Sometimes I feel like I post a bit much on the polymer embroidery technique but it’s hard not to fall in love with the intricate beauty of the work. Peeli Rohini has a lovely set of polymer embroidered beads right at the start of the gallery of beads in the Lark’s 1000 Beads book. There is […]

Wiwat Kamolpornwijit’s work has fascinated me since I first laid eyes on one of his trapped rose necklaces, as I like to call them. A couple new variations on these are in the new  1000 Beads book. I, too, have a fascination with things that are wholly exposed, with caves and crevice, and what is […]

Just got my copy of  Lark Craft’s latest in their fantastic photo book series, 1000 Beads. I am always curious, and a bit apprehensive about books that should include plenty of polymer clay because too often there has not been a great representation of our medium among the older and more readily accepted fine craft […]

I found this video on the TedEd website (TedTalks educational series of lessons rather than talks)  fascinating. Because being able to deem certain work as art versus craft gives the creator a frame work through which to price and market their work as well as offering a certain status for those deemed artist, there have been […]