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Archive for January, 2014

Framing doesn’t require a frame be used just once. One can use frames as a repeated design element as done in this necklace by Susan Remnant.  The forms that structure this piece represent an organic sensibility which is somewhat ironic since it’s rare to see nature frame it’s creations but in this case, I think […]

So yes, we’re having our once a year sale off everything in The Polymer Arts magazine store! See the information at the end of the post here. But first, let’s talk art … The type of frames we put photos or artwork in tend to be shallow affairs made to sit out of the way […]

A frame doesn’t have to completely surround the focus of the piece or shrink back to be a barely noticed element. The framed piece we have for you today suspends the center stone between the framing elements, using negative space to enhance the design. As the artist, Georgia Morgan explains, “Working in polymer allows unlimited space to […]

One of the primary reasons for using frames is to finish off the edge of a bead or element so it is functional but it doesn’t have to be purely functional. It is going to show, so why not make it a major part of the design? Ivana Brozova has brought her frame into the design […]

The presentation of a bead or surface treatment is often accompanied by framing  or creating some kind of window that puts focus on the focal point. This week I wanted to look at a few more unusual options for “framing” to give you some ideas on how to integrate the frame as part of the […]

I couldn’t resist a last little guessing game for this week. When I was looking through my Pinterest boards, I found this set of beautiful, organically inspired bracelets by Armenian artist Sona Grigoryan, but I couldn’t be sure if they were ceramic or polymer. So what do think these are made of? Sona is an Armenian […]

Have you been having fun guessing the materials this week and thinking of ways to create these beautiful pieces in polymer? Well, here is a whole array of pieces to take a guess at. We are all on our own here as the Live Journal post doesn’t list what is what or how these pieces […]

We’ve done non-polymer all week so I thought this Friday we’d switch that up with polymer work by an artist that doesn’t always work in polymer and if one didn’t know better, one would think she truly didn’t! Bettina Mertz’s faux polymer stones are amazing. She has a whole series of jewelry designs including  bracelets, […]

If you read our wonderful Fall 2013 issue of The Polymer Arts, you no doubt remember the cover piece by Kathrin Neumaier. That translucent glass look has been quite popular in the polymer community so when I saw these simple but elegant earrings, my first thought was that it was polymer. But no. And it’s […]