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Archive for September, 2013

I am on the road this week and have been for several days previous, so my researching time is limited for this week’s theme. Instead of a more direct theme, I thought I would share my thoughts on things from my Pinterest boards, those poor but extraordinary pieces that I have not yet found a […]

I know I usually give you a few words of wisdom from great minds on Sundays, but we were short a day to honor our guys, so I thought today I would bring up a gentleman who was very influential for me. If you’ve seen Garie Sim’s work, you’ve probably seen his miniatures … his […]

Today we’re going to visit with Chris Bivins, another artist that chooses his medium based on what fits best with what he wants to create. Chris is an illustrator as well as a craft artist who works in pottery and makes polymer figures. He will also unashamedly refer to his figures as dolls. Yes, he’s […]

Torolf Sauermann is an artist and a mathematician. It would be very difficult to say if he was more one than the other, but either way I do think he may be quite obsessed with what he does. Torolof creates math art–artwork that is formed by playing with mathematics. He is not the only person […]

I interrupt this week’s theme to acknowledge the passing of one of our more influential artists, Gwen Gibson. She passed away peacefully just this past Tuesday. Some of you may not find her name familiar. She had been focusing on painting and mixed media wall art in recent years so was not front and center […]

David Vanover is not a polymer artist. He is a jewelry artist. Sometimes he uses polymer. Sometimes he does not. The thing is, when he uses polymer, he uses it well and when it is needed. Although he has worked in more complex pieces in years past, I find his more recent and simpler pieces […]

Seth Savarick kind of comes and goes in the polymer spotlight, and I think he could use more web presence. (Just saying, Seth. Some of us would like to see more of your work!) But recently, between his Synergy 3 seminars and his participation in the collaborative project of the year and its resulting book, Polymer […]

I’ve had several conversations recently about the ratio of men to women working in polymer. I’m not sure I’m really the authority on the subject, but we do know it’s small. I seem to recall that Cynthia Tinnapple and Judy Belcher pulled up a statistic at Synergy 3 but I can’t recall the exact number, […]

When I started researching the theme for this past week, I jumped over to the online thesaurus and was surprised to find that the synonyms for “man-made” were all things like “fake”, “counterfeit,” and “false”. There was no synonym that celebrated the genius of human creation, that referred to things made by man as positive. […]