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Archive for August, 2013

So apparently, this has been quite the week for Pantone in the craft blogs. Besides the posts here, Art Bead Scene chatted about the new Fall colors, showing off some lovely bracelets in the palette colors and throwing in a nice little tutorial for a hidden clasp beaded bracelet. Then over at the 2 Good Claymates’ blog, […]

I am off a tad from Pantone’s palette on the colors of this piece, but of all the pieces I looked at, I kept coming back to this. Maybe it’s because I could see this being done in polymer (by a very patient and dedicated artist). The bib style necklace, not to mention the overall texture and […]

Grays are not the most popular color choices for jewelry and home decor, and certainly not in polymer. Gray is completely neutral and is actually a shade, not a color. However, people do have gray outfits to coordinate and, honestly, if you’re going for more subdued accent pieces with a black outfit, gray is an […]

Working up a Fall product line doesn’t mean leaving your floral tendencies behind; the fashion designers certainly aren’t this coming year. From all I’ve read about upcoming trends, pattern in general will be a big focus and flowers, especially wispy wildflowers, daisies, and even dandelions, look to be the “in”thing. So how would you change […]

Have you found some color combinations in the Pantone Fall palette posted yesterday? I did quite a bit of searching looking for pieces that fit this palette. Searching by color palette is no easy task, let me tell you! But I did find these lovely beads by Claire Wallis that use two of the brighter […]

I’m sorry I don’t have an actual polymer piece here today, but I’ve had this on my block to blog about since it came out. Pantone distills the color trends and comes up with color palettes for the coming season for designers and artists to use as a guide when developing their product line. With […]

I thought it would be hard finding a relevant dot related quote for our Sunday contemplation, but surprisingly, it wasn’t that difficult. I am not Steve Jobs’ biggest fan, but this is very apropos for artists as well as entrepreneurs and anyone trying to create anything new in their lives.   My take on this: […]

I wanted to do a post focused on dimensional dots and their variety; but in my search, I found this bit of beautiful insanity and just had to share it. It’s one kind of dimensional dot, but there are so many! I have a bit of a soft spot for polymer artists who work what […]

In searching for dot-focused art for today’s Outside Inspiration, I found that, outside of textiles and glass blowing, polymer seems to be one of the most dot-obsessed crafts. This strikes me as maybe a little odd, because it seems just as easy to create dots in the form of holes and inlay in so many […]