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Archive for March, 2013

I was looking for something Easter-y but different and came across this image. Yes, a different kind of Easter Sunday theme, but as artists we do tend to do things a bit differently so why not be humorous today. There are reasons to laugh and be joyful even if  you’re the odd egg out. But […]

Easter, whether one partakes of its religious or more secular traditions, is really about hope. Between the observance of the rising of the Christian savior and the association with ancient agricultural societies’  Spring celebrations, its traditions focus on the promises and optimism of the coming year. The colors are light and bright and the symbolism is, well, young. Baby […]

Yes, it’s true … on Fridays I usually bring you something that is not polymer. And believe it or not, I am being true to form. As much as it might seem that this below should be polymer, it is not. It’s wood and the stunning creation of Liv Blåvarp, a Norwegian born artist whose has received a […]

Lentils, snakes of clay and extrusions are more than a little common in polymer but how often are they brought together? I do enjoy discovering new ways to use scrap clay. Below is another option for making something beautiful from leftovers. These wonderful colors–and a new take on the possible definition of a ‘swirl’ lentil–are […]

I guess I’m on a variety kick this week. The mixture of color in these bangles by Lauren Abrams are particularly attractive but I think it’s the uneven repetition of the elements that gives them true charm. Bands of color filled with stripes and crackled metallic are repeated but in uneven, varying widths and not predictably […]

My mother is a horticulturist so although I have never been heavily drawn to flowery things, I learned through her to fully appreciate the beauty of a well-formed bloom. Polymer artists, as a whole, do like their flowers likely because so many of our ladies are drawn to their inherent beauty, but also because the complexity […]

Mixed media is part of the theme of the next issue of The Polymer Arts (coming out in May) so my recent research has been focused on how polymer is combined with other mediums. Here we have one of my favorite mixed media and polymer artists, Grace Stokes. Grace is not afraid to combine whatever works […]

If you have the first issue of The Polymer Arts, you may have read the back page Muse’s Corner piece written by Marjon Donker and Saskia Veltenaar, the editors of From Polymer to Art. It told the story of how we e-meet and why we decided to work together, not compete, even though we were […]

One of the big discussions at Synergy (Are you tired of hearing about that show yet!? Sorry … it was just such a treasure box full of ideas and I want you all to benefit from it too) was about finding our voice as artists. I was not the only one that came away with […]