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Archive for February, 2013

As you know, polymer is particularly popular among figurine and art doll sculptors. And so is the passive stance of the figures. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this … a figure posed standing still and looking off into the distance is often the best way to show the character and emotive facial expressions of […]

Even if you are not into making rings, you will want to take a look through this series of tutorials by Bobrotermit (on Livejournal). His planning, carving, and especially his back-fill methods could lead you to do some experimenting with other forms if not with rings. This ring was formed, carved and back-filled. All the designs are […]

Sophy Dumoulin uses a plethora of different textures in these contemporary pendants but somehow they all work together without any sense of chaos or clashing. Why does this work? As long as there is consistency and cohesion in the rest of the piece, a great variety in one aspect will be balanced out.  In these pendants, the muted […]

The bracelet is such an fantastic form to work with in polymer clay simply because of the range of possibilities. It can be small and dainty or big and bold. It can consist of beads of nearly any shape and size or be laid like a broad canvas around the wrist for showcasing favorite surface […]

  You might not consider Einstein as someone who values imagination over logic, not initially. But science is as much about imagination as logic. Science is about possibilities and the only way to come up with the suppositions and theories that are tested through science is by using the imagination. Einstein was famous for his […]


If you’ve gotten your latest issue of The Polymer Arts magazine (yes, I know many of you are still waiting for it to come in the mail … they just went out this past week so give them a little time but they will be there soon!)  you probably saw the article “Back Stories” which […]

The reason a work of art has impact, draws our attention and/or fascinates us can vary greatly from piece to piece. I think we assume it is the whole composition that, in the end, is what makes us stop and examine the work. Essentially it has to be–if all the elements of a piece don’t […]

I wanted to get some sculpture in on the blog this week although what I found myself fascinated by was a bit unexpected. I couldn’t pass up sharing this if for no other reason than to bring something bright and shiny to all you who are getting through some gray wintry weather today. One does needs to […]

How about today, while I wind up the release of the latest issue of The Polymer Arts,  we turn to the thoughts and detailed process of Carol Simmons as she worked through some experimentation with mokume a couple years ago. This beautiful metallic mokume is the result of Carol’s experimentation with arranging mokume strips in patterns as […]