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Archive for December, 2012

With the New Year now upon us, I thought I’d take a moment to share a blog I’ve found rather enlightening over the last few years. When one gets serious about art, that business aspect almost always creeps in. To sustain our art (or obsession as it often is), selling our work becomes a necessity. […]

When I first saw this array, I thought it was polymer and ingenuous work at that. But no … it turns out to be leaves. Beautifully painted details on dead leaves by Elena Nuez of Spain. But its not the painting of each leaf that is so enticing, rather it is the arrangement, the collective […]

I couldn’t let the last days of the year go by without stopping to admire a little crackle. These sumptuous discs here are the work of Barbara Fajardo. She developed a technique that layers alcohol inks to get a multi-dimensional texture with, of course, lots of fine crackle. In this case, the polymer is a […]

Have you ever wondered why certain colors become favorites for a period and then are abandoned almost overnight? The predominance of colors is often a result of social or global circumstances. I found this chart below and the accompanying post highlighting the change in fashionable colors over the decades quite interesting. I don’t know that anyone can […]

I know, I know … many of you are resting up after a long, well-fought holiday season. The rest is certainly deserved. But there is no rest for the wicked. Especially if you or your customers have big New Year’s plans! I actually look forward to dressing up for New Year’s more than for Christmas […]

Perhaps you are all a bit tired of Christmas, but I only just found this beautiful set late last night and thought one more holiday piece could be shared. Leah Hagen of LeeLee Beads is a polymer filigree fanatic. She seems to have explored every possible approach for winding thin snakes of clay about a […]

… I already had. I am blessed with the most wonderful family anyone could ever wish for. We all actually really get along, respect each other, and encourage each other’s dreams. I also have many amazing, dear, and caring friends, some that I’ve known for ages, some quite new, not to mention the wonderful network […]

I know I usually do outside inspirations on Fridays, but let’s face it … most of us are probably not in the studio today. Many of us are in the kitchen. So here’s a thought. Where I usually stop to point out how something made in another medium can be translated into polymer, how about […]

I have somehow managed to avoid most of the trials and tribulations that are usually a part of the holiday season. Not that there aren’t other non-holiday tribulations putting up hurdles before me but I am very grateful for being an artist and for being able to make, with tons of love and caring, gifts […]