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Archive for September, 2012

This may not seem much related to polymer or art, but I did find this on the site of an artist who works with polymer among many other things. Æ(Alexis) Pierre-Louis lives in Seattle and creates jewelry, paintings, sculpture, installations, video poetry, and writings. I discovered Alexis through a post on Daily Art Muse (which […]

On the Clay-Polymer Yahoo group last week, we got some sad news from member Pat Jones, who was recently told she has cancer which has crossed over into her brain. She came to the group with a very simple request of the clay artists. Make art, specifically a Bottle of Hope. Pat has made over 250 […]

In quilting, it is more often than not about line and repetition – those elements that instill order to a variety of color and pattern. But that doesn’t mean the lines need to be straight, the repetition be squares or the print of the fabric being used. In this small piece titled Celtic Spiral by […]

Today’s pretty is brought to you by Nihal Erpeden of Istanbul, Turkey. I love the freeform folding and ruffling of the clay but creating it like a pod that is opening to reveal a botanical treasure is what I find really appealing. Nihal’s professed inspiration comes from Jana Roberts Benzon who spent a lot of […]

I was intrigued by this simple tutorial on make polymer frames for jewelry. This example is pretty straight-forward but what I find interesting are the possibilities if you expand upon the basic concept. For instance, a frame doesn’t have to be a circle. If you have graduated cutters of any shape, you can cut a […]

Creating a repeatable section to develop complex looking canes is a standard approach in polymer caning. However, with most such canes, the section repeated has a centered image or pattern which, of course, makes it easy to halve and repeat or at least allows the artist to butt the pieces up next to each other […]

So, if you haven’t heard about (or seen) the latest community craze, you may want to check out Bettina Welker‘s pixelated retro blend cane and all the creative work that has come out of it. It really took off after Cynthia posted Bettina’s work and the link to her free tutorial on Polymer Clay Daily. […]

Whether it is a mistake you’ve made while creating art, in your business or your personal life, don’t let the realization that you are just human and imperfect get you down, frustrate you, or make you want to quit. I have had more than my share of mistakes to face this past week. There was […]

Maybe it was the birthday gathering I am going to tonight and the mention of birthday cake but I’ve had pastries and sweets on mind. Better on my mind than on my hips but I think that is what drove me to seek out some calorie free versions online. What did I find? Some very […]