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Archive for June, 2012

If you read the “Polymer Resurrection Workshop” article in the last issue of The Polymer Arts, you saw how easy it is to make successful mokume gane from scrap. I’ve been hearing from a lot of people who have been taking this scrap approach so when I ran across this tutorial by Elizabeth Campbell,, I […]

  A couple weeks ago, Cynthia posted a piece on Polymer Clay Daily about faux soutache done in polymer clay by Olimpia Corvino.I had just been perusing an actually soutache artist’s site a couple days before but couldn’t find it at the time. Well, it was an Etsy store and here is the piece that […]

Coffee in the morning is such an entrenched tradition in America and elsewhere that even those of us who can’t drink caffeine anymore will still get up and make a pot of decaf for some psychological pick-me-up. Now, what if you have that coffee (caffeinated or not) in a cup like this …   Eleni […]

I thought I knew all the really amazing polymer clay doll artists but as usual, there are more!  Eneida Rosa makes the most amazing sculptures – not just because of their realism and her obvious skill with the material – but because these are real women with the small ‘imperfections’ that certain industries would like […]

Maybe it’s the heat but the river-like element in these earrings by Karen Park draws me in.   The graduated blues and earth tones bring up images of a river bank and the scattered gold on brown looks like the eddies where one might go gold panning. Wouldn’t you like to be in a place like this […]

Starting July 1, will be running an eight-month course on “How to Become a Better Artist.” There’s a short post about it on their homepage: How To Become a Better Artist: An 8-month journey If you are asking yourself these questions: Are my ideas good enough to spend more time on them? Why are some […]

You have probably seen Sandra McCaw’s work, if not on the internet somewhere, then in a polymer clay book or two. Sandra does amazing cane work and applies her canes to beautifully constructed jewelry usually combined with precious metals. This brooch is a great example of her use of line and color.   In her […]

    As craft artists, we are more commonly drawn to three-dimensional arts and crafts because the construction and formation of a piece is something we know so well ourselves. But inspiration can be found in many of the two-dimensional arts as well. This painting by Laura Zollar has a wealth of color and visual […]

Adding a bit of sparkle and shine can be just what’s needed to enliven a piece. But in most cases, use of the bling-y stuff is best done in small doses, using crystals and bright gems as accents to catch the light and a potential viewer’s eye. But for every rule there is an exception […]