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Archive for May, 2012

Nature inspires the art of many of us but how often can you say the entire piece reflects the aesthetics of Mother Nature? This piece by Beatriz Cominatto is striking not only because of its unexpected and yet still elegant choice of forms for a necklace but because there is no true break from organic […]

When was the last time you heard a really good, inspirational talk? I am a bit of a Neil Gaiman fan so I couldn’t help but listen to this. Now I can’t help but share it: Neil Gaiman’s address to the University of  the Arts Class of 2012. This is about creative work and […]

Centering or working inside the edge or frame of a piece is a common approach for applying imagery and pattern. This will help to convey a feeling of calm and/or restraint. But what if you want something more dynamic? Try working on or off the edge. It adds excitement and movement by bringing into question […]

This was something I went over and over with myself since the magazine was started. There are a lot of fantastic blogs out there. Do we need one more? The answer for me was, only if it can continue to do what The Polymer Arts magazine is trying to do–increase the polymer artist’s pool of […]

If you haven’t gotten your hands on the latest issue of The Polymer Arts magazine, you really should. Not just because we put it together but because the contributors and artists in this issue bring up a particularly relevant and little discussed topic … how do we as artists who work with a plastic material […]


There was a very interesting discussion on two related posts on Facebook back in February. It basically came down to whether a piece should be categorized as polymer art if the polymer has been painted or otherwise works as a ‘canvas’ rather than being the bulk and carrier of the design and artistic impact. This […]


Originally posted on Facebook January 27, 2012 I thought this piece was just breathtaking. Artist is Galina Grebennikova–born in Moscow, lives in Ireland now. She puts some pretty cool stuff on her blog too.


Before we get this blog going live, I will post some of the more popular posts from our Facebook page. These posts, along with all future posts, will be available in both this blog and on Facebook so you can access the same great finds, tips, tricks, and news on whichever site works best for […]