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Ta da! The first issue of 2017 is coming out today (scheduled for 11am PST) and, I know I am usually extremely enthusiastic about every issue but this one has so many wildly passionate artists sharing their process and their secrets. It is really heart-warming how much these people share. There are also a lot of cool […]

You may have seen this in the newsletter that went out a day or so ago but I didn’t want anyone to miss out on the beautiful art work we were so lucky to get for the cover of the upcoming Spring issue, “Shape & Form”. Due to popular demand, we decided to do a […]

Some quick news for you today then we’ll resume with eye candy and design ideas on Wednesday. The Winter 2016–On the Surface issue is here and if you are a subscriber, it’s either in your inbox or being shipped as you read this. It’s release was yesterday so if you are due a digital edition, […]

This next issue gets down to a subject most every polymer clayer can get behind. Or on top of really. That being surface design. The subject is a pretty broad one so it was tough deciding just what to put in the issue but we ended up with a very exciting mix of articles. Here is […]

When putting together the Simplicity article, we contemplated showing a few non-polymer pieces because there are just so many beautiful designs in other materials that could be inspirational to polymer artists but alas, there was only so much room and much to discuss. Alice Ballard was a top pick on my list for this because her […]

So, business first … the Fall issue of The Polymer Arts came out yesterday, September 7th, and already there is all kinds of cheering online about it and many, many comments in my inbox, all overwhelmingly positive so far. I’m so glad people are already enjoying it so much–I absolutely loved putting this one together as […]


Tomorrow, September 7th, the Fall 2016 issue of the The Polymer Arts will be arriving in Email inboxes (check spam folders if owed a digital copy and it doesn’t show up by midday US time) and should start arriving in mail boxes in some West coast US areas as well. It is also the day I get to see […]


I’ve had this waiting for its final tweaks for nearly a week but, like half the Eurosynergy convention goers, I have been trying to rise up from the flu that knocked so many of us out. But I am now down to maybe 4 naps a day instead of 12 and got this done over […]

We interrupt this week’s looking at the ground for inspiration to being you the latest cover of The Polymer Arts magazine! This issue is not out yet, and although we would usually get this out to you by the end of May, it looks like it will be the first week of June, but we are […]