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  I know I showed you a bit of the sample “Into the Forest” installation last week, but I didn’t get in this mosaic created by Julie Eakes for the exhibition that will be installed in November. I think Julie gets the prize for the most intense and biggest piece to go into the installation. […]

The art jewelry at these events is also a big draw. There is nothing quite like seeing masterful polymer work in person. Here is a gorgeous piece by Bonnie Bishoff. She wore it to the final gala event and I just could not stop looking at the delicate forms and sunset-like colors. The picture (and […]

Off to catch a plane but wanted to give you a heads up. Since I am at Synergy all week I’m going to be visiting you with pictures from the event as there will be no time to research online. Not sure exactly what the posts will be, and it might just be twice this […]


Some quick news for you today then we’ll resume with eye candy and design ideas on Wednesday. The Winter 2016–On the Surface issue is here and if you are a subscriber, it’s either in your inbox or being shipped as you read this. It’s release was yesterday so if you are due a digital edition, […]

Okay, so this might just be a week of announcements but they are exciting announcements, let me tell you. During her general assembly presentation at Eurosynergy, Laura Tabakman spoke about her projects, many of which are huge undertakings involving installations of her work and the work of others in anything from organic floor compositions in […]

So I spent my day at Sandy Camp in San Diego with a wonderfully enthusiastic group. I taught a mokume gane workshop with my little clayers coming up with some gorgeous results. However, I was too busy chatting and answering questions to direct my in-room photographer (thanks Mrs. Friesen!) to get some close up shots of […]

Shall we get the not-so-nice stuff out of the way first? The New Not-Well-Thought-Out EU Digital Tax Laws hit Worldwide on the First of the Year If you haven’t already heard, the European Union has new laws regarding selling digital products and services to European buyers, and it goes into effect January 1st. Unlike past VAT […]

This is Sean Mitchell. He’s 12 years old, home-schooled, and the youngest person to ever take a college-level polymer clay course. Wait … is Sean the real news or is it the fact that this past year, the first college-level credit course in polymer art was actually accepted and implemented at an accredited American institution? Well, they […]

Well, if you are up for trying your hand at wall sculpture sometime soon, you may want to look at classes or supplies for your venture. First, you might want to check out the series of articles on wall art that were published in the Spring, Summer and Fall 2013 issues of The Polymer Arts […]