Some of the most active blogs in the polymer world are in English and here in the US but there some amazing blogs that are getting huge overseas as well and just because they aren’t in your primary language doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them too. We live in an amazing age–just view these foreign language blogs using Google Chrome (it will automatically try to translate pages that are not in your default language) or copy the text into the box on or search for a translation plugin for your browser.

My first recommended stop for non-English blog sites is Polymer Clay Diaries written by Bulgarian artist Maria Petkova. On her blog she shares polymer artwork, featured artists, galleries and tutorials about polymer clay. Maria herself is quite the talented polymer artist as well. Her work uses many different techniques to bring her art to life with a richness and, often, simple elegance.

These copper and patina earrings are examples of how straightforward contrast can work beautifully in simple designs. The blue of the faux patina against the orange copper clay uses opposing color contrast while the dense texture plays against the smooth half of the earrings’  elements.


Besides reading Maria’s Polymer Clay Diaries blog, you can find more inspiration in her own work on the Polymer Clay Diaries’ Flickr pages and her own personal Flickr pages. And here is a short list of other blogs you may not know about but are well worth a regular visit.


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