When Anke Humpert asked about including an article for the Organic themed Fall issue, our first conversation revolved around an article on hollow beads; and having seen her hollow beads like the ones below, I was really excited to see what she’d have for us. What she ended up doing was quite unlike these beads, but just as beautiful.



As Anke worked out the idea for the article, what she found she was most interested in when it came to the idea of “Organic” was the process itself; so the article became a journey with Anke through the steps of creating from organic sources of inspiration in an organic creative process. The article gives you the rare opportunity to see the entire process of a talented artist struggling with design and construction decisions, as well as unexpected challenges from concept through the creation of a piece. I found it fascinating to compare how she came up with her piece to my own process.

That is one thing that really stands out about this next issue. There are several articles that take you into the studio and minds of quite a number of polymer artists. Besides spending time with Anke, we have the thoughts and notes from all the artists who participated in Dan Cormier’s Broken Telephone Project, complete with a number of photos of their sketchbook pages and worktables. How often do you get to see that kind of thing?

With the next issue scheduled to be on its way by this coming Wednesday, you won’t have to wait much longer. But in the meantime, you really should look at all the wonderful, exploratory work that Anke creates by dropping by her Flickr page.