collage 17P4 430x592 - Winter is coming ... Nov 18thOur blog plans for while I was traveling were thrown out the window when we ran into technical difficulties so forgive me as I make this up in the spare moments in my travel schedule. We did a minor upgrade that threw our blog’s email service off and in the process of that discovered other issues and before it was over there was a major backend reset and new service installed both for the blog and this newsletter, all while getting the latest issue out! However, we think we now have much better and much more beautiful emails coming to you.

If you don’t see your blog emails this week, transferring the mailing list often drops people off or triggers spam filters:
Check your spam or junk mail folders for your emails.
Add to your address book and/or safe sender list.
If you don’t see it in your inbox or junk mail folder, just sign up again and it should get it going.

While you are waiting for things to get back to normal, here is a peek at some of the interior pages of the upcoming issue being released on Saturday.

Included in this issue:

  • The Language of Line by Sage Bray
  • Creative Cane Extruding by Lynda Braunstein-Gilcher
  • Etched Impression Plates by Linda Leach
  • The Art of Soutache by Julia Potemkina
  • The Work of Emily Squires Levine by Martha Aleo
  • The Global Leaf Brooch Design Challenge by Lindly Haunani
  • Bringing Back Men’s Jewelry
  • Learning to See by Ginger Davis Allman
  • Color Spotlight: Sabine Spiesser
  • Growing Your Guild by Connie Clark
  • Getting into a Gallery
  • Russia Quilted in Polymer by Svetlana Taratunina
  • … and much more!

Get your subscription or pre-order on our website here.

Okay … we’ll get back to normal, hopefully by Wednesday. Thank you for your patience!