Spiderwebs are not usually considered sophisticated. They tend to be used for things related to costuming fabrics, accessories and props. Put a spiderweb on something and it’s not likely to be taken seriously. Which is odd since spiderwebs are some of the most amazing and beautiful creations constructed by any non-human creature on earth. But commercialism may have killed our true appreciation for these incredible weavings.

So when I came across this piece below, I was thrilled to see the spiderweb patterning presented in such a light and sophisticated way.


Our artist here, Kathrin Neumaier, calls it etching but since she does state that it is made with silver oil paint, I would guess it’s actually done with stamps and a light touch. In any case, it relays the gossamer feel of real spiderwebs on a contemporary tile collar design that is much appreciated by spiderweb aficionados like myself.