jsa back parrot 430x344 - Summer Issue, "Color!" is Out! And a Lively Bird.As many of you have seen, the Summer 2017 issue actually went out yesterday, a day early. Unforeseen circumstances forced me to be on the road today instead of late last week as planned so I couldn’t do the release today. Hope it was a welcome surprise for you digital subscribers (if you are due a copy and didn’t see it in your inbox, check your spam/junkmail folder and if it’s not there check your subscription account here or write my assistant at connect[at]thepolymerarts.com). Print issues are actually on the way as well–the US batch went to the post office Friday (although the holiday might slow it down initially) and get the copies for international shipments tomorrow to sort and get on its way so it will be all over the world soon enough.

As tradition dictates, this week we’ll share some pieces that didn’t make it into the new issue. There is just never enough room! This parrot by our profiled artist, Jon Stuart Anderson, was one of those pieces that we just loved but could not work into the article. It is one of Jon’s newest pieces and he was just so excited to share it with us so, of course, since it’s not in the magazine, I had to bring it to you here. There is such rich color on the front but just look at the back of the bird. It has such a lovely, lively pattern and such a perfect finish! Pure Jon Anderson magic.

Please enjoy more of Jon’s newest work on his Facebook page and his website while I mosey on down the road. And if you don’t have your Summer issue purchased or your subscription active, just hop on over to the website at www.thepolymerarts.com.


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